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About us

Kinga is the BE.LOVED founder, as well as a yoga teacher and natural lifestyle enthusiast. In her mid 30’s she started to experience problems with her skin – a loss of elasticity, dark circles around the eyes, acne and wrinkles. After chatting with her yoga students, she heard many similar stories of skin problems and ageing. So Kinga began the search for a good, holistic solution that would help herself and her students to look rejuvenated and become healthier. As a yoga teacher, she naturally changed her diet to mostly fresh vegetable and grains. Her next step was learning face yoga methods, which gave fantastic results on ageing skin. But still something was missing.

She started researching and experimenting with natural cosmetics – testing simple, organic ingredients on her own sensitive skin. During her travels around the world, she picked up new ideas, taking inspiration from the best local traditions in beauty care. A creative journey began, that included not just aromatherapy and skincare formulation, but also physiology and therapist training, as well as a focus on food, nutrition and the skin benefits of a good diet.

Kinga combined her BEing and LOVEing philosophy, in natural cosmetic products, packed in dark violet glass that energetically activates the botanical formulas.

Georgi found her passion for natural health and well-being in her teens, and had the opportunity to learn about natural skincare, healthy foods, nutrition and supplements by taking a part-time job in the industry. This sparked a lifelong adventure into a natural healthy lifestyle, which includes organic skin care, a healthy diet using the healing power of raw foods, practising and teaching yoga, and regularly connecting with nature.

Whilst still very young, Georgi quickly realised that only pure and natural products worked on her extremely sensitive skin, and she spent many years trying out different brands and products to find something effective and gentle. But most things either irritated her skin or didn’t work properly, and ended up in the bin. Georgi swapped tips and ideas with Kinga as they both struggled to find a solution,
until Kinga decided to create her own skincare products, and the BE.LOVED journey began.

BE.LOVED formulas are designed by Kinga with the support of a team of international skincare experts.