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Vitamin Pump Serum

A wonderful, light serum. It does not clog or irritate, but nourishes, smoothes and brightens the complexion. The skin becomes radiant after it and looks healthy. For me, perfect for a day under cream and makeup.


Take the day off natural make-up remover

A great oil! Ingeniously copes with the makeup of even waterproof cosmetics. You can use it or a few drops on your hands, massage into the moist skin of the face and eyes and then wash the warm water / moistened towel / sponge, or on the wet swab two drops and wash as other cosmetics for removing make-up. In both cases, effective. In addition, it moisturizes the mouth, acts anti-aging, evens skin tone, and regenerates. Plus after such a makeup removal, the skin is even better with more cosmetics. I recommend!

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