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BE.LOVED is about being and loving. It’s about harnessing the nourishing abundance of nature, to care and nurture for ourselves, supporting our inner grace and beauty. With BE.LOVED, we respect nature, whilst also utilising its life-giving and nutritive properties. Because nature gives us everything we need to live a healthy and harmonious life, inside and out – energy, beauty, aromas, tastes, foods and of course, nature gives us life itself.

At BE.LOVED, we use ‘minimalism’ as our motto – using the most effective highly concentrated and potent extracts, taken straight from nature, without harming or destroying nature. Living in harmony with nature reflects our inner beauty, and this can be seen on our faces. And that is the BE.LOVED message – you are beautiful, you are strong, you get your strength from nature, and nature supports you by giving you all the ingredients that you need to live in harmony.

BE.LOVED skincare was created with a love for all natural ingredients sourced from organic farms all around the world. Created for women who start to think about their skincare with awareness… women who also like minimalism in skincare solutions… women who love nature and believe in its therapeutic powers… women who are conscious about the environment, and who enjoy using and reusing the packaging they buy… women who enjoy their inner journey, and who are conscious about the impact they have on the world… women who care for themselves and who love to pamper themselves.

Every ingredient that we use in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. We do not use fillers of any kind, so almost every ingredient in our products is an actively beneficial ingredient. This results in pure, highly concentrated and effective formulas. ‘Less is More’ when it comes to healthy skincare. The key is to support your skin’s natural processes and stimulate its ability to regenerate.

We have created mixable, and multi-use products. You can apply them individually or mix them in different combinations to personalise the formulas and create: a face mask, additional hydration, or control over the level of exfoliation.

We offer three product lines, each with its own colour code, according to its specific ingredients and symbolic energies.

Pink is related to rose, rosehip, pomegranate, ylang and geranium; symbolizing power, energy and the life-force itself. Pink symbolizes unconditional love and nurturing. Pink is feminine and romantic, thoughtful and caring.
Orange is related to tangerine, orange, sea buckthorn, pineapple, honey (citrus aromas); symbolizing warmth and happiness, combining physical energy and stimulation with cheerfulness.
Violet is related to plum oil, grapeseed oil, may chang, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender (herbal aromas) and hydration; symbolizing self–awareness, openness and courage.

BE.LOVED skincare is packed in dark violet miron glass. Why this choice? Going back in history, violet glass is already mentioned as being used by the early Egyptians. These sophisticated Egyptians used violet or gold jars in order to preserve and protect their most precious substances (taken from nature) for long-term storage. The secret of violet glass was to be ‘kept in the dark’ for a long time however, as it was used less and less between the Egyptian era and our present day. By the beginning of the 20th century, the glass was only used by pharmacists who stored their remedies in hand-made, violet glass bottles.

After many years of research, MIRON violet glass was developed for the protection and storage of high-quality substances.img_9552s

By 1995, the company MIRON had started the first mechanical production of this special glass, bringing about the return of violet glass as a means of quality protection for valuable products.

By 2005, many innovative companies, who highly value the conservation of bio-energy in their products, had changed to this violet glass.

The secret of miron violet glass is based on the fact that the violet spectral range (720 – 770 bio herz) permanently activates and energizes the product’s molecular structure, and its healing energies don’t deteriorate.

Recent research by Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli, in 1997-1998, proves that solar energy in our food is essential for our health. Solar energy enters our cells in the form of bio-photons, the smallest physical unit of light. Bio-photons provide important information for the complex life process in our bodies. The bio-photons have a strong regulating and balancing energy, and put the organism into a higher vibration or order. These bio-photons are extremely sensitive. Dr. H. Niggli’s readings show that bio-photons noticeably decrease in conventional packaging such as amber glass, green glass, blue glass, aluminium foil, plastics, and other synthetic containers. Miron violet glass maintains and even enhances the high energy of the bottle’s contents for a long period of time.

In late 1997, the Institute of Dr. D. Knapp tested different spirulina samples. Fresh tablets from the same production were packaged in different containers. After 4 weeks the results were measured. The results speak for themselves in the images below. The sample in the violet glass shows a strong and dynamic energy field. The samples in amber glass and plastic container show a clear energy loss.




We believe in leaving a minimum footprint on the environment, and with this in mind, we encourage our customers to re-use and recycle all BE.LOVED packaging and containers.
As a special gift to you, we will send out one full-sized product, absolutely FREE, to every customer who returns 5 empty full-sized BE.LOVED containers to us.