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My summer skincare routine

You often ask me how my own skincare routine looks like? Many of my friends think if I produce cosmetics I must use lots of products. And that was the case until I started to follow the rule #minimalisminbeauty. Before that I was really keen on Korean skincare routine which is great one but for me using minimum 8-9 products was too complicated in my busy life full of traveling. At that point I realized that I would love to have 3-4 products that I can use for multiple purpuses. My skin is and has always been very dry and sensitive, keen on allergies. Now when I use just organic products my skin is very balanced and the only remaining issue seems to be eye zone especially dark eye circles which appear immediately when I don’t get enough of sleep. At the moment my top 5 summer products are:

  1. BE.LOVED Rose Rain floral water (mornings, evenings and day time when needed)
  2. BE.LOVED PURE Hyaluronic Acid (mornings and evenings)
  3. BE.LOVED Summer Delight Raspberry Oil (mornings and evening after PURE Hyaluronic Acid on entire face, also under eyes and decoltage, when I travel I use it also for oil cleansing and to remove mascara). It has natural SPF but to my own and clients experience its great to use when you are in the city for sun protection. If you go sunbathing especially to tropics it might not be enough so then I recommend to use sunscreens.
  4. BE.LOVED Purify Your Soul Enzyme Cleansing Mask (evenings for cleansing, lip scrub or as mask)
  5. Dermedic kids (mornings after PURE Hyaluronic Acid just on those days when there is strong sun) or Alverde Kinder Sonnen Balsam (

More about sun products I wrote last year. You can read it here In general I use both for myself and kids chosen kids sun protection. I noticed that the same brands when you look for “adult” products tend to care less about ingredients. So its really hard to find “adult” strong sun protection with good ingredients list.

All BE.LOVED products you can buy on, Alverde I buy in DM and Dermedic in pharmacy.


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